You find yourself locked in a strange house...

Collect items and solve the puzzles to escape!

Difficulty level: Tricky

Audio is required for later puzzles



Some of the puzzles in this game may require taking notes/screenshots of clues.

If you are stuck, you may want to check the items in your inventory. 

Items will not leave your inventory until they no longer serve a purpose!


This is the first room escape game by Studio L00K - A game studio by Colorbomb

Follow Studio L00K for news on current projects


Twitter: @STUDIO_L00K

Follow Colorbomb for art and animation


Twitter: @supercolorbomb

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(64 total ratings)
Made withUnity
TagsAtmospheric, Escape Game, First-Person, Point & Click
Average sessionA few hours
AccessibilityOne button

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Very cool room escape game :O Shorter but more challenging than Trace in my opinion! Many of the puzzles require lateral thinking & creative associations to solve, making you go omg when you finally figure them out. I got stuck many times & would not have solved it without online hints. Love the graphics & the quirkiness of the alien landscape too - they add to the overall atmosphere~ Thank you to Studio Look for creating this masterpiece!

Thank you! :)


💫 what a fun game!

1 hr 26 m with 5879 👆

place I got stuck:

- not knowing to check inside the cup

- not knowing I could move the chair

- the number for bird, the aliens on the painting also confuse a bit


I Have played all of your games, Nice work and i love to play the puzzle games with  a fellow school friend

Great work, and keep it up. I'm sadly just 14, else i would have donated 💕

Thanks !


How Do I Give You money?

not understanding the sun puzzle...



There are two clues, for it, and you need to use both together

alguien sabe como ponerlo en pantalla grande


Save gone. Bye.

Deleted 113 days ago
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I'm in the puzzle of the key that says "Time times two two times", I still can't figure it out

Sorry if this is a bit late, but it is the time on the clock times 2 done twice.

Estoy en el enigma de la llave, no entiendo nada


I clicked for 1 hour and i got 5982 clicks


My record  so far: 309 clicks, 4m23s


reminds me of pbhere :)


The capsule isn´t workin


you must rotate it in the order given by the rotating head

I did TwT

Okay I know this may seem silly, but how the hell do I get rid of the annoying 'view all by Studio Look, Follow Studio Look, Add to my collection" etc at the top right of the screen? It gets in the way and I've already misclicked and opened a new browser lol. Can't really comment on the game yet since this is such an annoying part of the user experience.

I've had the same issue. 

If you have Developer Tools enabled in your browser, inspect one of the links, locate it's parent <ul> element and delete the whole lot in one go

or just lower your browser zoom setting 

I used the itch desktop app. It downloads the game and runs it in a separate window.

lower your zoom settings down to around 90 use your items then go back to 100 when done


Game won't load for me, it gets stuck at the Unity WebGL loading screen. Any suggestions? 


try waiting for about 10 seconds the quality is really good so it takes a sec to load


So fun, played it again today!



i am currently stuck at the clock and i keep putting in them and it does nothing


If what you try doesn't work, you might be missing out on important info ! search further around the room !


thank you kind stranger for i is stupid


Terrific. Remembering the anvil on the roof felt immensely satisfying. Challenging but not at all unfair. Well done!


Is that a reference to "the enigma of amigara fault" I see in the painting?

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The 4 seasons I brute forced to no avail. ..edit... Finally got out with help, some tricky stuff but mostly intuitive. One thing I did not understand is the order of the planets. The telescope views and the saturn view dont show the exact or even relative positions in full...


Congratulations on this very interesting game, with beautiful designs, places,        photos and a lot of creativity. I'm a fan of escape games and I loved this one, which     I'm sure, it took work to create it, that's why I value it .     Unfortunately I can't solve all   the puzzles, - not yet - (I found 3 balls), blocked with the star map,  found in the glass,    and the tips on the  clock.  I hope to be able to go ahead! It would be cool if we could save what has already been    done.  Once again, congratulations, and thank you for providing me with super fun in these difficult times   that we are living.


Star map? Glass?

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Love it but really need a walkthru! Stuck with:

Hi jaybo, someone has created a walkthrough on youtube. 

obviously, spoilers ahead!


Thanks so much!! ubj qb lbh qrgrezvar gur beqre bs gur cynargf gb cynpr ba gur yvtug?

rnpu zneoyr pberfcbaqf gb n cynarg va gur fxl. ybbx guebhtu gur gryrfpbcr naq svas gurz. gurl ner neenatrq va gurve beqre sebz gur fha (gur yvtug ohyo)


I'm not an escape game specialist, but this one caught my attention.

I love the way you designed the game. The space is pretty close, only one room, a balcony and a roof. This allows you to keep the players focused on the evidence they have in front of them, without getting lost in finding the right room to progress.

Really sneaky puzzles at times, I admit that someone helped me out at some point !

I also liked the details of the painting, I found it really nice ^_^

I found the usage of the pnzren a bit unclear to the first place. Gur snpg gung lbh pbhyq cerff gur erpbeqvat, cynl naq fgbc ohggbaf, naq xrrc gur abvfr cynlvat rira gub gur erpbeqre jnf onpx va gur vairagbel jnf dhvgr pbashfvat.

Keep it up Mr. dev, can't wait to play your next little game :)

2h25 / 10.800 clicks ;-;


This is a really charming and engaging game! I'm rather enjoying it thus far! ^_^

That said, I'll confess that I seem to be stuck. If you're willing, would you give me a hint, please?

Borrowing Tahan's Rot13 cypher-link:

I've done the following:

* Sbhaq gur juvgr, checyr, naq benatr ornqf

* Npdhverq gur phc naq hfrq vg gb jngre gur sybjref

* Sbhaq gur flzobyf sbe gur ahzoref 1 guebhtu 4 (V oryvrir)

* Genafyngrq, V guvax, cneg bs gur rvtug-qvtvg frdhrapr ba gur pybfrq qbbe

* Sbhaq gur ahzore "guvegl-sbhe" ba n cbfg-obk

* Frg gur gryrfpbcr va cynpr naq abgrq inevbhf pryrfgvny obqvrf

My inventory currently holds:

* N onggrel (hfrq ba gur ebgngvat urnq, gura ergevrirq)

* Na havqragvsvrq cvyy-funcrq bowrpg.

  - V pna ebgngr gur gbc bs guvf, ohg gb ab nccnerag rssrpg guhf sne

V srry yvxr V fubhyq or noyr gb bcra gur "frnfba" chmmyr, ohg V unira'g guhf sne sbhaq nalguvat gung frrzf gb ersre gb frnfbaf. V'ir gevrq n srj pbzovangvbaf sebz gur ynetr cnvagvat, gb ab ninvy.

Gur fgne-funcrq ohggba-qrivpr ba gur gnoyr vf grzcgvat, naq V'ir sbhaq gur (cerfhzrq) pyhr oruvaq gur pybpx. Ubjrire, nggrzcgf gb nccyl vg unir guhf sne snvyrq, naq nabgure pbzzrag urer vaqvpngrq gung V znl or zvffvat vasbezngvba.

And thus I'm stuck! :/

I am stuck in the same spot. I am hoping someone gives a hint.

In case you don't see Melphite's response, let me prompt you to look for it: the hints given there--for me at least--were very helpful. ^_^


Small hint :

Qb abg jbeel nobhg gur frnfbaf lrg. Gnxr n pybfre ybbx ng lbhe vgrzf, bar zvtug or fbyinoyr.

Huge hint :

Znlor gurer'f fbzrguvat nobhg gur cvyy'f ebgngvat urnq gung pbhyq or yvaxrq gb fbzrguvat ryfr ?

Aaah--the huge hint was a huge help, thank you! ^_^

(The small hint didn't work because I had largely discarded the interaction in question due to there being no apparent effect to or feedback from it, I think.)

Okay, hopefully I'll be able to progress now! ^_^


There's a small bug in the four-vertical-button device on the shelf: if you click some of the buttons, turn it off, and turn it back on, the buttons all display as autumn, but they click as if they were where you left them.  (e.g., if you click the top button so that it shows "winter", and turn off the device and turn it back on, the top button displays "autumn", but clicking it changes it to "spring".)

I can't tell if that's causing weird behavior for the device in general, which I say because [further comments in ROT13] V'z qbja gb arfgvat qbyyf (naq gur xrl-yvxr guvat gung jnf va gurz) naq n fyrqtrunzzre.  Gur qbyyf fher ybbx yvxr gurl'er qerffrq sbe, ynetrfg-gb-fznyyrfg, jvagre/fhzzre/jvagre/fcevat; ohg chggvat gubfr va (gbc gb obggbz) qbrfa'g jbex.  (Abe obggbz gb gbc.)  Juvpu yrnirf gur fyrqtrunzzre, juvpu V'ir gevrq gb hfr ba ebhtuyl rirel fvatyr qrivpr va gur tnzr fvapr V tbg vg...

Like Melphite, I got stuck on the fact that the cup was already full; I was looking for somewhere to fill it.  (I then got very stuck on the next thing to do with the cup; the hint was there, but subtle.)  It did take me a while to find the erq onyy, but I had in fact noticed gur pyhr va gur qenjvat; it just took me some time to work out what the right angle was.

Other than being stuck as noted above in ROT13, I've been very much enjoying this.  The art is terrific and the puzzles are clever.  I think my biggest issue, puzzle-wise, is that very early on I found (a) the seven-spoked button device on the table and (b) the thing indicating which buttons to press, and that made it really look like I had what I needed to solve that puzzle, but I was missing a piece of information.  Since I didn't know that, I spent a lot of time pressing and re-pressing buttons, certain that it should be working.

At any rate, I hope to get unstuck soon on what really looks like it should be the last step here...!


Glad you are enjoying the game!

optional help for the doll puzzle in RO13: gur svefg qbyy vf fhccbfrq gb ercerfrag Snyy, naq gur guveq vf fhccbfrq gb ercerfrag jvagre


This was a fantastic experience, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with it ! Overall, the balance between abstract solutions and really clever and intuitive stuff was fantastic and there was hardly a time were I felt stuck without an actual clue of where I needed to go. I loved this very much, and I will happily share this experience with friends. FInal time, 1h49minutes.

There are 3 minor problems that bothered me during my playing - in order of solving, spoilered.


First, the cup holding the water didn't feel like it was actually full of water, and, at first sight, looked empty. Took me a long while to realize that.

Second, for the time puzzle, please make both european and american times valid solutions ! I got stuck for a long bit until a friend told me it is american only.

Third, figuring out the last ball was extremely hard. Maybe make the camera clue even more obvious ? I had to get an outside hint to get past that.

And finally, fourth, for the radio puzzle, I strongly think making the cat's number's first number something different from the normal radio number's first number would be important - as I accidentally found out the code without trying to bruteforce it.

[/SPOILER !!!]

Overall, these are very minor problems in what I felt was an overall amazing time. If these were fixed, I'd say it'd be perfect !

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Wow! that point about the time is really good... my American is showing...

I will upload a different build to make European time valid.