You find yourself locked in a strange house...

Collect items and solve the puzzles to escape!

Difficulty level: Tricky

Audio is required for later puzzles



Some of the puzzles in this game may require taking notes/screenshots of clues.

If you are stuck, you may want to check the items in your inventory. 

Items will not leave your inventory until they no longer serve a purpose!


This is the first room escape game by Studio L00K - A game studio by Colorbomb

Follow Studio L00K for news on current projects


Twitter: @STUDIO_L00K

Follow Colorbomb for art and animation


Twitter: @supercolorbomb

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(119 total ratings)
Made withUnity
TagsAtmospheric, Escape Game, First-Person, Point & Click
Average sessionA few hours
AccessibilityOne button

Development log


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Wait I just redid this so I may have skipped some steps without realizing but what was the code on the door for? I never found the fifth digit and the code was too large for the radio...if I ignored the digit I didn't know it didn't do anything.

(excuse my poor English)
Awesome art and mysteries! I love this game!
A few of the puzzles are too difficult for me so I watched a walkthrough video.

Somebody please tell me about the 2nd radio number. 
Jul gur ahzore bs gur oveq vf sbhegl naq gur nyvra vf gjb? [spoiler warning! using rot13]

All things considered, that could have gone much worse.

Bro how do I get at the erq zneoyr fubja va gur vzntr sebz gur gnoyrg??? V'z pbashfrq.

Nevermind... I'm  colossal idiot.

Can somebody explain how the two clues regarding  gur pybpx svg gbtrgure? V sbhaq gur vzntr vafvqr gur cvyy, naq gura gurer'f gur guvat oruvaq gur pybpx. V srry yvxr vg fubhyq or fhcre boivbhf, ohhhhhg...abg trggvat vg. Cyrnfr uryc zr, sbe V ynpx gur shaqnzragny vagryyvtrapr jr pnyy 'pbzzba frafr'.

I'm cooked.

nevermind, but now I'm confused with two things, which I will list in rot13

-Gur zrffntr ba gur onpx bs gur xrl, juvpu fnlf 'gvzr gvzrf gjb gjb gvzrf'...Oehu.

- Ubj gb trg gb gur erq zneoyr fubja va gur vzntr sebz gur cvyy. V'ir ybbxrq nyy bire, naq pna'g frrz gb svaq vg naljurer.


I don't know how to play this on here. It doesn't go to full screen so the itch buttons cover the item inventory so I can't pick anything up. Please could anyone let me know how to get this to work?

The games good(bragging that mine works), and the things on the side are annoying too

You should try their other games then (e.g., escape from castle claymount)


I've done literally all of them, I don't know what you're talking about

fact though, we need more claymation! I've done trace, clay-scape, and escape  from castle claymount, and now this one. You should do a dinosaur themed one OH MY GOD DINOSAURS I'd be happy to help with a dino themed claymation game.

I would too help in what I can, and would also like a dino themed game. But;

  • I don't think he'd accept help
  • Might be taking a break from game-making
  • We might not be qualified(I am starting to game-design)
  • And I don't think he'd want to go dinosaur themed for his next game

Today was a marathon of all your games And HOLY MOLY WAS AWESOME.
this one for far is the hardest.
Really good job.

Also, that Junji Ito reference was phenomenal

Wait what Junji Ito reference???


Oh boy what a game ... Those kind that you want to appreciate, but it finish in a painful experience..

First, you NEED some help to finish it, ALL the person who had finish the game in the comments have one or many..

What is the purpose/fun of a game if you need an help ? And it's not the hint on the help page of the game who help...

I can't give a positive review, too many hardcore/incomprehensible puzzle (at this time, I still don't understand the clock puzzle)

in 42 years I played a loooooot of puzzle game, this one is definitively too hard, and I've play some hardcore one.I 've considered give some money, but no, I've not enjoyed it... sorry..

Be glad to see you next project, except the puzzles, the graphics are gorgeous !

PROs and CONS :

+ It's beautiful

+ The atmosphere

- You NEED a walkthrough for playing it...

- No music (one forgettable at the end)

- the difficulty 

- Puzzle to complicated or too simple (rare)

- Some minor bugs

2/5    1hour ,   Check the hints, without them, you can't finish it...

First time playing, and im VERY proud of myself 

oh damn, that's crazy impressive

can you make this downloadable please? the itchio stuff gets in the way (ratings and view all ad stuff) so we can't really click or view our items without the screen turning blue

(1 edit)

is the game just opening a white screen from the app for anyone else? or does anyone have tips to fix it?

it works online now, can't get the app one to load but that's probably a me problem

Deleted post

Not sure why but when I press run game the loading bar will go to about half way and then stop leaving me stuck on the screen, not sure if this is because the game hasn't been updated in a while or anything like that. just wondering if anyone has a solution because I want to play the game!!

there is this glitch when ur inventory is full, and you try to grab another item, that item is gone, you can only get it by restarting, which means progress lost

(1 edit)

can you make an app that you can download on ChromeOS? without any files, just downloadable from chrome.

not my proudest moment...


Glad I found out about no save after I finished. Unconventional but a lot of fun. Liked the creative solutions. Could have done with clearer sound clues and I had to shrink my screen to access the inventory. Thanks again, Colorbomb. (I know that mouse is glad the cat's stuck in that grate.)


Very cool room escape game :O Shorter but more challenging than Trace in my opinion! Many of the puzzles require lateral thinking & creative associations to solve, making you go omg when you finally figure them out. I got stuck many times & would not have solved it without online hints. Love the graphics & the quirkiness of the alien landscape too - they add to the overall atmosphere~ Thank you to Studio Look for creating this masterpiece!

Thank you! :)


馃挮 what a fun game!

1 hr 26 m with 5879 馃憜

place I got stuck:

- not knowing to check inside the cup

- not knowing I could move the chair

- the number for bird, the aliens on the painting also confuse a bit


I Have played all of your games, Nice work and i love to play the puzzle games with  a fellow school friend

Great work, and keep it up. I'm sadly just 14, else i would have donated 馃挄

Thanks !

lol same here, I'm sixteen and broke as a joke. I'll donate someday, though! I love all the studio l00k games


How Do I Give You money?

not understanding the sun puzzle...




There are two clues, for it, and you need to use both together

a bit late, but there's two clues that go into it. here's the answer in rot13

svaq gur cvyy vafvqr gur phc, naq gjvfg vg gur fnzr qverpgvbaf nf gur yvy qhqr va gur pnovarg. vafvqr gur cvyy vf n cvpgher, juvpu fubjf gur beqre gb vachg gur ohggbaf onfrq ba gur zbqry oruvaq gur pybpx.

Unccl chmmyvat!

alguien sabe como ponerlo en pantalla grande

Creo que s贸lo se puede si le das al zoom con tu navegador (aumentar el tama帽o de la vista, pues)


Save gone. Bye.

Deleted 1 year ago
(1 edit)



I'm in the puzzle of the key that says "Time times two two times", I still can't figure it out

Sorry if this is a bit late, but it is the time on the clock times 2 done twice.

I got that much, but what do I do with it??? (Also you thought you were late...)

(1 edit)

Enter that number into the desk

Thank you kind Maralith, for I is stoopid.

Estoy en el enigma de la llave, no entiendo nada

En el comentario de arriba dicen que es la hora en el reloj dos veces, por dos. Y que introduzcas el n煤mero en el escritorio, en el caj贸n que pide cuatro cifras


I clicked for 1 hour and i got 5982 clicks


My record  so far: 309 clicks, 4m23s


reminds me of pbhere :)


The capsule isn麓t workin


you must rotate it in the order given by the rotating head

I did TwT


Okay I know this may seem silly, but how the hell do I get rid of the annoying 'view all by Studio Look, Follow Studio Look, Add to my collection" etc at the top right of the screen? It gets in the way and I've already misclicked and opened a new browser lol. Can't really comment on the game yet since this is such an annoying part of the user experience.


I've had the same issue. 

If you have Developer Tools enabled in your browser, inspect one of the links, locate it's parent <ul> element and delete the whole lot in one go

or just lower your browser zoom setting 

I used the itch desktop app. It downloads the game and runs it in a separate window.

lower your zoom settings down to around 90 use your items then go back to 100 when done


Game won't load for me, it gets stuck at the Unity WebGL loading screen. Any suggestions? 


try waiting for about 10 seconds the quality is really good so it takes a sec to load


So fun, played it again today!




i am currently stuck at the clock and i keep putting in them and it does nothing


If what you try doesn't work, you might be missing out on important info ! search further around the room !


thank you kind stranger for i is stupid

I found both of the keys for the buttons but it still doesn't work. I know what buttons to puch and what order to push them in but it keeps telling me that it's wrong

verily, good sir


Terrific. Remembering the anvil on the roof felt immensely satisfying. Challenging but not at all unfair. Well done!


Is that a reference to "the enigma of amigara fault" I see in the painting?

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